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About Nova

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Nova loves to tease, and loves an audience wowing trick even more! With costumes adorned in crystals, and sultry choreography, Nova brings a warm, vivacious energy to any stage.

Growing up in a small southern Alberta city, Nova always has a passion for the performing arts. From high school drama, to competitive dance, Nova has found a home on the stage. Upon leaving her home town, she began stripping in Calgary clubs in June 2022.

Just 6 months following the start of her pole dance training, Nova competed in her first pole dance competition, and took first place. This was where she decided to take her career further.

In January 2023, after spending over 7 years offering professional boudoir photography and little time as a strip dancer, Nova took her skills of posing the human body and applied them to burlesque with the help of classes from Daisy DeVille's Burlesque Burn & the team at Cabaret Calgary.


Through costuming and performing, Nova showcases her many talents and skills coming together on the stage. Costuming is a huge part of her roots, learning to sew at 11 years old, and continuing to costume for herself and others to this day. She can proudly say she has hand made most of her costumes, and even won an award for recycled fashion design in 2016.

Off stage, you'll find Nova costuming, crafting, or running her boudoir photography studio. 


1st Place | Level II Exotic Pole | Pole Sport Organization Canada East 2022

Earth Award $500 Grant Recipient | LNBF(Now Terrera) | 2016

Nova created a collection of custom bras made out of recycled, re-purposed and found materials. She was inspired by the need to alleviate the immense amount of soft textiles we throw out into landfills. She sourced old table cloths, clothes with holes and/or stains, and broken jewelry and repurposed them into beautiful bras and lingerie. She began to organize a charity fundraiser to benefit the community, a breast cancer benefit 'Burlesque For Breasts' a fashion show where all proceeds were donated to Medicine Hat Health Foundation. She raised over $2000.


My Burlesque/Dance Idols:

Frankie Fictitious

Cathrine D'Lish

Misty Copeland

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