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Acts & Costumes

I Write Sins Not Tragedies 

This act is fully inspired by the music video for this song, with a costume fully inspired by Brendon Urie's outfit. From top hat to cane, this  act will fully immerse you into an old school pop punk era.


Style: Neo Burlesque

Song: I Write Sins Not Tragedies at the Disco

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Kitty Cat

Sassy, sultry and a little fuzzy! There's no holding onto her once you've done her wrong-And she WILL make you regret what you've lost! Watch in awe as she crawls away.


Style: Neo Burlesque

Song: Kitty Kat by Beyonce

Features Crowd Roving

DSCF2943 copy.jpg

Who Do You  Think You Are

Get the party started and bring the energy with this spicy, sparkly burlesque number! Featuring work on a stool, there's even a spread eagle!

Style: Neo Burlesque

Song: Who Do You Think You Are by The Spice Girls


Minnie  The  Moocher

This old school Jazzy act featuring classic bumps, grinds and sensuality will have any audience in the palm on my hands. I start more concealed in a full length gown. As I rove the audience, I pull tricks from my clothes, teasing those who watch. I continue to lose more items with the help of the kind people in the crowd. I play with my skirt, careful not to reveal too much before it’s time, then it drops! The audience watches as I prance through the crowd, losing more items as I go! I split, shake my booty, I tease, I throw my clothes!

Style: Classic Burlesque

Song: Minnie the Moocher by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy 

Features Crowd Roving


Every Baby Needs A Daddy

This is slow burning chair act will warm up any cold winter night. Starting chilly in a fur coat, then bursting out emerald coloured bustier adorned with feathers and crystals, the costume for this act is a classic silhouette. As I flip around my chair making shapes with my body, I lose my clothes the warmer I get!


Style: Classic Burlesque

Song: Every Baby Needs A Daddy

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